A writing space is a special place. Whether that place is a bench at the park, a table at the local Starbucks, or the corner of your probably messy bedroom (like mine). It’s where magic is created. It’s where tears are shed. It’s where frustration lurks. It’s where triumph blossoms. I thought it’d be fun to share pictures¬†of my own writing space on this blog, bit by bit, as I feel so inspired. Today’s IN MY SPACE picture is . . . Bookshelves! High on the wall to my left, I have three white hanging bookshelves, or boxes, rather, in which I keep some of my favorite MG & YA paperbacks. On top, I display three random hardcovers. I rotate the hardcovers whenever I feel like it. In this way, I feel like my own little librarian. Showcased this month is . . . THE PRINCESS AND THE HOUND by Mette Ivie Harrison, CABLE CAR JOEY by Naomi and Lorin MacCabe (who just so happen to be my great-grandparents–how awesome is that?), and THE SOUND OF LIFE AND EVERYTHING by Krista Van Dolzer. What’s in YOUR writing space?