***Titles which have a star next to them are those which I have personally read.***


PICTURE BOOKS (ages 2-6)




CHAPTER BOOKS (ages 6-9)



  • THE JUNKYARD WONDERS by Patricia Polacco: A girl belongs to a special class of misfits where everyone has a unique talent. (Side character with TS.)




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  • *FORGET ME NOT by Ellie Terry: A girl tries to hide her Tourette syndrome from her new school, while trying to convince her mother not to move them yet again. (Main character has TS.)
  • *INSIGNIFICANT EVENTS IN THE LIFE OF A CACTUS by Dusti Bowling: A girl born without arms moves across the country, where she and her new friend solve a mystery. (Side character with TS.)
  • *QUIT IT by Marcia Byalick: A girl with Tourette syndrome feels alienated from the rest of her peers, but finds herself through taking part in the school play. (Main character has TS.)

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  • SOAR by Tracy Edward Wymer: A boy is determined to honor his father’s legacy by winning the school science fair. (Side character with TS.)
  • *WONDER by R.J. Palacio: A boy born with a facial deformity attends mainstream school for the first time. (Side character with tics.)




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  • THE PRISONER OF CELL 25 (MICHAEL VEY #1) by Richard Paul Evans: A teen boy with Tourette syndrome has special electric powers and sets out to discover where they came from. (Main character has TS.)
  • JERK, CALIFORNIA by Jonathan Friesen: A boy sets out on a cross-country quest to learn the truth about his family and inherited Tourette syndrome. (Main character has TS.)
  • WHEN I WAS THE GREATEST by Jason Reynolds: A teen boy growing up in a bad urban neighborhood must face consequences after attending the party of a lifetime. (Side character with TS.)

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  • WHEN MR. DOG BITES by Brian Conaghan: A teen boy with Tourette syndrome makes a list of wishes to complete before he dies. (Main character has TS.)
  • A TAXONOMY OF LOVE by Rachael Allen: A teen boy with Tourette syndrome tries to identify and classify his relationship with a girl who has been his best friend since 7th grade. (Main character has TS.)